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From  navigating college costs to mastering your money, I'm your ally in turning your financial dreams into achievements.

Kristina Ellis

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling Author, Mom and Motivational Speaker

After winning $500K in scholarships and earning both my bachelor's and master's degrees from my dream schools, I was inspired to guide other students towards their own debt-free education. As a speaker and the best-selling author of 'Confessions of a Scholarship Winner' and 'How to Graduate Debt-Free', I had the honor of being a featured expert in Dave Ramsey’s award-winning 2021 documentary, 'Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream'.

My work has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Fox & Friends, The Katie Couric Show, CBN, USA Today, Reuters, Seventeen, and Money.

I'm a certified Financial Coach and frequently co-hosted The Ramsey Show, one of America’s top five most-listened-to radio shows/podcasts, which averages more than 18 million combined weekly listeners. Through articles, live events, online courses, and my work with Ramsey Education, I've been able to equip young people and their families with the tools they need to understand and win with money.

Let's connect and see how I can help you and your students navigate their journey to success!




Book me for an empowering talk that inspires resilience, determination, and personal growth.



Let's collaborate to create compelling content that informs and inspires your audience to pursue financial goals!



Dive into my comprehensive resources designed to help you conquer your financial journey. 


Are you seeking a speaker who not only informs but also inspires? I'll bring to your event a unique blend of personal stories, practical wisdom, and an infectious passion for empowering others. Whether it's navigating money, winning scholarships, overcoming adversity, or simply striving for a fulfilling life, I'm committed to sharing lessons that resonate and inspire action. Drawing from my own journey, I provide audiences with relatable insights and actionable strategies. Let's partner to create a memorable event that sparks meaningful conversations and inspires your audience to embrace their potential and conquer their dreams.

Sample Talks

Standing Out: In this presentation, students learn that perfection isn't a prerequisite to win scholarships or succeed in life. It's all about highlighting your unique qualities and standing out. I'll share the very methods that enabled me to stand out to scholarship judges, despite personal hardships and imperfect grades. Together, we'll explore the tools and mindset you need to forge your own path to success.

Vision Casting: Shape your future, starting today. This motivational session emphasizes forward-thinking decision-making, effective planning, and actions that create a lasting positive impact.

Overcoming Obstacles: Conquer your challenges and pursue your dreams. This inspiring talk shares personal experiences of beating the odds, motivating you to overcome any barriers on your path.

Writing Your Story: Join me as I share my journey of overcoming adversity and building a fulfilling life. I'll provide the tools and strategies that helped me turn challenges into stepping stones towards my dreams.

Winning with Money: Let me guide you through essential financial principles, delivered in an engaging and relatable manner. This presentation is tailored to your audience's needs, making financial success accessible and exciting.

Custom Presentations: For a tailored experience, let's collaborate on a unique presentation that resonates with your event. With expertise spanning financial literacy, bullying, fear management, and student leadership, the possibilities are limitless.


I'm always thrilled to share insights and provide value to more audiences. If you're looking for a guest who can offer unique, practical, and engaging financial advice, let's connect!

I'm on a mission to help individuals and families win with money. I have a wealth of experience appearing on various media outlets - from TV news and podcasts to blogs and magazines - where I've discussed a range of topics from paying for college, dealing with student loans, to smart saving strategies.


I am excited to collaborate and make a difference in the lives of your audience. Let's work together to empower more people to conquer their financial goals!



Kristina Ellis speaking.png
Kristina’s presentation at our recent luncheon was amazing.  Her personal story of courage, perseverance and determination to overcome was inspirational and a story of hope for women and girls of all ages.  The practical steps she provided were on point and easy for our guest of all ages (ages 10 to 90 years of age) to implement in their daily lives!  Many in our audience were moved to tears and we have since received numerous comments from longtime supporters that Kristina was our best speaker to date and that her message was relevant to something they were going through currently.””

Linda Rhodes, Executive Director,

The Women's Fund


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